I’m an Introvert and I Became a Programmer. Here’s Why

I would be lying if I said that my interest in computer programming was a recent phenomenon. Computers, technology and programming have interested me from a very early age.

Ever since I got my first computer, an IBM, I spent countless hours playing games, visiting websites and trying to understand how programs were created. When I eventually went into programming, it was a natural evolution.

But there is another reason I chose it as my career – I am an introvert.

Being an Introvert and a Programmer

For most people, being in a classroom environment in high school, college and graduate school is normal. It is where they feel comfortable and at home.

When I think back to my days in high school, I can only shudder. The very act of being in a classroom with 20 or sometimes 30 other people gave me anxiety. The possibility I would be called on by the teacher, or was too slow to keep up with the material on a given day, terrified me.

Self Learning

Programming offered me a very real alternative. Instead of having to learn in a classroom environment, I could learn at home. There are so many incredible tutorials and online resources available to programmers, such as Treehouse or Codeacademy.

Many of these sites are free, while they have hours of content, tutorials and tests that programmers can take to further educate themselves about the profession.

Online Courses

Even when it comes time to learn programming in a more formal capacity, I was able to take an online course through a university. I would read or listen to the lectures on my own time, do the work when I was free and submitted all my assignments online. I even completed my final exam online, which gave me the accreditation I wanted at the end of the course.

Flexibility in Study and Work Life

The flexibility that arrives from studying programming is not limited to the time one is learning. I found that even in my career as a programmer, I have more freedom than I could have imagined.

Why? Because I am able to code from anywhere. I could be sitting on the couch with my laptop, at a quiet coffee shop, at the local library or on vacation. So long as I have my laptop and an internet connection, I am good to go.

While I do have to report to the office three or four times a week, being able to work from home the rest of the time is so liberating. If there is a day where my anxiety has gotten the better of me, I am able to contact my boss and request a work-from-home day. It is the type of freedom that is simply not present in many other industries.

Those who are introverts or suffer from anxiety will find programming an incredible career option. The possibility of learning and working in isolation is very appealing to many people. I am one of those people and I am so glad that I went with a career in programming.