Why The Minority Youth Are Coding

The Information Technology (IT) industry continues to boom and, over the years, has created a sort of elite class of coders who control and influence the industry. This is a boon for all, but what about getting underprivileged and minority influence in the IT industry? Does it really all have to be this elite class of wonderful geeks who control the industry? The answer seems to be “no”.

A Fresh Perspective

With an aim to diversify the IT industry and to expose minority youth to computer science, Dr Wes Bellamy, Charlottesville VA City Councilor, began We Code Too. The non-profit initiative has a very strong aim to educate African-American and Latino youth on computer coding and program design.

Considering that these kids are playing games on computers most of the time anyway, this is very practical. Bellamy stated as much, clarifying the idea that these kids could achieve much in life and positively influence the entire IT industry by learning the basics while very young. Many present-day coders would agree that early exposure is a definite advantage.

The Beginning

This is just the start of this novel program which promises to be very successful considering the practicality and the potential draw. Twenty young students have been selected to begin the two-week academic training course which begins on July 30.

According to Bellamy, the only way to diversify the tech industry is to expose minority youth to the education they need to learn to code. While such information is easily available online, it takes coordination from experienced teachers to make this information into clear teaching that kids can apply to their learning structure. From there, they can learn even more.

Early Coding Skills

Getting the younger students into coding will allow them to get into higher tech education earlier and they will be able to enter the industry sooner as well. Furthermore, this type of learning offers these youth the skills they need in order to sustain themselves. After all, computer coding skills can go very far. Many young coders go on to do great things in IT.

An Industry Pipeline?

One of Bellamy’s hopes is that the program can be a pipeline to the industry for all students who join. With IT companies paying attention as the program gains merit, this is a real possibility. Consider what would happen if this program managed to spread. Minority students across the country would have opportunities they may not have otherwise had.


What it Means for IT

The IT industry is replete with ideas and so many types of software there is no way to list it all. All of it depends on the influence of people and that influence is based on good education. With a new and fresh wave of thought and ingenuity from the younger perspective, the industry is bound to become better than ever with more tools to offer the world for the betterment of all.

It only remains to be seen how We Code Too will bloom now. With consistent support from people like Dr Bellamy, it is bound to be a success.