Parents Monitoring their Kids on the Internet – My Thoughts

Though the internet is a great thing and most people would not want to deal with reality without it, kids are too easily influenced to have full access. At the same time, the idea in this country is to keep the internet open and usable for all users. This creates a bit of a conflict and, as stringent as website security may be, kids still get into adult sites. How is this best controlled?

Software to the Rescue

It is already well-known that internet activity can be monitored by software. Usually, it is thought that people are being “watched” by powers that be by such software. While this may be true at times, it is not always so. The same or similar software can be used by parents to monitor their children’s internet use.

There are also apps that can be downloaded and they will help monitor your kids’ activities while you or they are on the go. For example, you can determine if your son or daughter is texting and driving. This is a perfect example of behaviour that is purely unacceptable. The same is true for open video channels that kids are able to start.

Spying vs. Parenting

It is hardly considered spying when a parent monitors the internet activities of their kids. No matter how mature they may act, they are still children and there is a good reason why age limits are placed on certain sites. It is up to you as a parent to “parent” their activities on the world wide web. It is entirely too easy for them to get into trouble or to have negative influences.

Just know that you are doing the right thing when you purchase one of these programs or apps. It is important to keep the eyes on texts and sites visited. Otherwise, laws could be broken or poorly influenced behaviour could result.

The Kids Do Not Have to Know

One could go as far as to tell their kids that they are using software to monitor activity but that would defeat the point. Kids will almost always act on their best behaviour while they know they are being watched. The point is to be covert about it at least until anything serious happens which requires discussion. You want to create safety, not a threat.

Set Clear Boundaries

The software tools alone will help with total monitoring. You can receive reports on a regular basis regarding what your kids have been up to. Usually, it should be benign. At least that is what you hope. At the same time, it is important to talk to your kids and tell them the boundaries that you set.

When the rules are clear, then at least they know what not to do. Then you can give them the leeway that you think they deserve and see what happens. When you educate them about the risks and consequences, their actions should be much better and without any bad activities.